Quick and Easy Ways to Update Your Living Room

Your living room is probably one of the most used spaces in your home–a place to bring guests when they come over, and a place to relax when you’re alone. The great news is that upgrading your living room doesn’t have to involve a ton of time, effort, or money. Here are some quick and easy ways to improve your living room, maximize its potential, and turn it into a beautiful, functional space.

The Simple Things

Sometimes the simplest changes can make the biggest difference. Most people don’t love tidying and cleaning up. But this is one of the easiest actions you can take to make your living room look nice. Keeping the room tidy and organized can help it feel calm and peaceful. Make sure that you incorporate plenty of storage space into your living room, using items like bookshelves, decorative baskets, and storage ottomans.

Something as straightforward as a fresh coat of paint can really revitalize a room. If you live in an older house that still has wallpaper, switching to a solid paint color on the walls is a great way to instantly bring your home’s style into the twenty-first century. New baseboards or crowning can also make a huge difference. These little details will frame the room and make it look more complete and pulled together.

Most people choose neutral colors for their walls and furniture. A pop of color, however, can easily add interest to your room. A festive throw pillow on the sofa can liven things up. You might even consider rolling out a fun area rug. It’s certainly true that not every inch of the room needs to be filled with bright colors–in fact, that might get a little too hectic. But having a few well-placed accents will help your living space look inviting and unique.

Scent might not be an element of design, but it does help set the overall mood. You might have heard about a real estate trick that involves baking cookies during an open house. It’s not just an urban legend–pleasant smells create a welcoming atmosphere. Investing in a diffuser or some nice candles can quickly transform a space.

Let Your Personality Show

One of the first things people notice when visiting your home is artwork. Consider decorating in a personalized way. Turn family photos into canvas prints, which are perfect to hang on your walls. Simple Canvas Prints provides museum-quality canvas and expert photo retouching, turning your photos into a fabulous focal point for any living space.

Coffee tables provide a great centerpiece for a living room. Use your coffee table to display items that reflect your personality. You could show off souvenirs you’ve picked up on travels, or books you find interesting. While you want your living space to be clean and modern, you don’t want it to be impersonal.

Window Treatments and Lighting

Window treatments are often overlooked, but they play an important role in the overall atmosphere of a room. It’s easy to buy blinds online that fit your style. Blinds allow you to easily control how much sunlight enters your home, making them both a fun design investment and a pragmatic home addition. If you want to save energy, open up your blinds to use natural light instead of artificial lighting. On hot days, close the blinds to help keep your home cool. Blinds or curtains can also be closed to allow a bit more privacy in your home.

Lighting is key to setting the mood in any room. You can certainly buy a new light fixture if you like, but there are other options if you’re looking for a quicker change. Switching out standard light bulbs for LED ones can brighten up a dark room and make it seem larger. You can also incorporate lamps into your design to add layers of lighting and further brighten up a room.

You don’t have to make major changes to give your living room a fresh new atmosphere. A few little touches here and there can completely transform the space.