Roof Replacement Alexandria – How the Weather Affects Roofing in Alexandria VA

Our house roofs always get exposed to the elements! It is natural for harsh weather conditions to affect your roof structure adversely. It could be over time, or suddenly, severe and sudden weather changes can damage the costly roof investments. Today, there are several roofing companies in Alexandria, VA, that enables customers to manage their repairs and claim the deserved insurance for the same. 

Every homeowner needs to know the impact of weather on the roof! To know more about this, you can check out The Home Doctor – Home Improvements | Windows, Roofing, & More. Some of the weather impacts on your roof include the following:

  • Thunderstorms and shingles

Thunderstorms can loosen the roofing shingles! Sometimes, the wind can carry it away as well. Lightning, on most cases will not affect the roof. But in some situations, it can make a tree limb fall on the roof. That might lead to holes and cracks. Do you want to stay away from this? If yes, ensure that the big tree limbs don’t extend to your roof structure. Also, unpleasant and harsh weather can make the shingles curl as well.

  • Winds and gutters

Heavy winds can loosen, crack, or bend the gutters. You need to keep a check on this every time there’s heavy wind. Also, when the gutters are in poor condition, it can’t pass the water away from the foundation. That will bring other issues and affect the home structure.

  • Damages because of water

Homeowners must invest in roofers! It helps to assess for all kinds of water damage the moment you come across water spots on the ceiling. It is a sign that the wind either leveraged or exposed the roof holes. The same is possible with the attic. Today, most roofing companies manage damages resulting from water. It is essential to report about this issue at the earliest. When you fail to do so, it can lead to mold and will bring on other unpleasant situations.

  • Hail 

Most homeowners are aware of hailstorms! However, when it occurs, there can be severe roof changes and damages. For instance, it can crack both ceramic and metal roofing tiles. Additionally, it can also break and loosen the asphalt/wooden shingles and shatter the stucco roofs. It can even cut the windows and other parts of the house. However, it is essential to opt-in for a roof inspection after a hailstorm.

It is essential to remember that homeowners shouldn’t try for a roof inspection by themselves after any natural calamity. The roof might result in water-spots on the mold-infested shingles. And that might lead to a dangerous accident, and you might get hurt as well. Hence, it is a smart call to appoint an expert roofing contractor in your region and get the situation remedied. If you ever come across water damage signs or broken gutters, report the same to the roofing contractor as well. Damages that result because of natural calamities often go unnoticed. Hence, opting in for roofing inspection is the ideal way to address the situation at hand.