Simple Fix: Six Home Repairs that Take Less than an Hour

Too many home owners tend to panic when something goes wrong in their home. Their response to a faucet leak or a dinged drywall is to call a plumber or another professional and have the problem fixed, sometimes at considerable expense. But the truth is, there are many home repairs you can do yourself. Not only that, but most these repairs take less than an hour. Here are six you can try next time you get into panic mode.

Repairing a Stem Faucet
Stem faucets are the most leak-prone types, largely because their washers wear out over time. To fix one, take out the escutcheon on the handle, then remove the handle. Remove the packaging nut with a wrench or pliers, and screw out its stem. The washer is found at the bottom of the stem. Replace it and the O rings and clean the stem with steel wool. Wind new packing around the stem, then replace.

Repairing a Leaking Faucet

Older toilet tanks tend to leak around the base, near the supply pipe or the area where the tank is connected to the bowl. If the supply pipe is leaking, the nut that connects the fitting to the tank may need to be tightened or replaced. Make sure to drain the tank if new fittings and washers need to be installed. If the toilet leaks around the base, it may mean the hold-down bolts need to be tightened. Loose hold-down bolts may also be the problem if the place where the tank joins the bowl leaks.

Repairing Wooden Siding
This exterior fix is really very simple. Fill small cracks in the siding with caulk, or apply waterproof glue to a long split to get things back to normal.

Repointing Bricks
Clean out the loose mortar between the bricks to a depth of 3/4 inch. Use a scrub brush to clean the joints, then wet them down. Mix an amount of mortar until it’s the consistency of peanut butter. Pick it up with a trowel, place it on a hawk and use the trowel to pack it into the joint. Slice off the excess, then rub it down with a wet brush.

Repairing a Screen
To patch a metal screen, cut out a patch of screen material. Unravel a few of its strands, then fit the patch over the hole. Bend the unraveled strands back to secure it.

Suck Garage

If your garage door isn’t opening by remote or wall keypad it might be you simple need to replace the batteries. Check to see how old yours are and check the manual for how to replace them. If you still have problems, make sure you have a professional like AAA Garage Door, Inc. on hand to call since you don’t want to have an accident here with expensive cars or kids getting in the way.

Repairing Dents in Drywall
Fill the dent with compound and smooth it out with a chisel. If it dries out and shrinks, add a second coat. Sand the surface or dampen it with a sponge then prime and paint.

All of these repairs are pretty easy and take less than an hour to fix. They’re also inexpensive, especially if the tools are already at hand. Next time don’t give in, use the tools and knowledge outlined here to get your house back in working order.

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