Space Heater Safety Tips to Avoid House Fires

A home fire can be devastating, and in the winter months, it’s all too easy to leave space heaters on to warm up your house when you return. But a space heater left unattended for more than a few minutes can get out of control. If you’re worried about your loved ones coming home to an empty house – or if you just want to bolster your safety – here are some safety tips to avoid a major product malfunction that could cause a fire.

Understand how your heater works

Understanding your space heater is the first step toward being able to use it safely. Before turning on your heater this winter, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly. 

Give your heater enough space

It is important to give your space heater enough clearance on all sides to allow it to function properly and prevent a fire accident in your home. Never have your space heater near flammable materials, or near anything that can ignite an electrical current. This includes all types of wood furniture and construction materials, along with carpets, curtains, furnishings, and electronics.

Choose a unit with safety features

If you are planning to buy a new space heater, make sure to choose one with great safety features. This will keep your family and home safe during the heating season. Among the heating safety features to look for are thermostats, child-proof designs, and night safety switches.

Leave your heating installation to the pros

Heating installation is a challenging job. Your HVAC system is made up of complex parts and professional heating contractors must take special care when handling them. Professional installation technicians understand how to protect your house, family, and pets as they work to maintain a safe and comfortable living environment. So call the pros today; they will be there before you know it.