TAOCOCO Sectional Couch Cover Detailed Review

Are you looking for a sturdy and reliable cover for your couch?

Using a couch cover is highly recommended if you want to get longevity and durability of your L-shaped couch for years to come. However, this requires a perfect couch cover that can provide you adequate protection from strain, wrinkles, and wear & tear.

TAOCOCO Sectional Couch Cover is a masterpiece that comes with 2 pieces of L-Shaped Sofa Covers along with 2 pieces of Pillowcases. You have the option to choose from Gray, Black, Coffee, and Blue color, which you can opt to make your interior beautiful. However, before purchasing this cover, you should read this unbiased review.

So, let’s take a tour of its positive aspect.

High-Quality Material: 

This TAOCOCO L-shaped couch cover is specially made with 80% polyester and 12% spandex. It is a flexible, durable, and reliable clothing material that’s suitable for most of the L-shaped sofa. Its elastic nature is best suited for this sofa. The armrest and chaise section, when covered with this polyester cover, doesn’t slip at all. Ultimately this will give you a perfect sofa cover.

Ample Length for Complete Sofa + Couch:

For a 3-seater sofa with a length between 180 and 230 cm, this sofa cover is a perfect fit. It is made of two parts that include one for the chaise and another for the main sofa. Complete installation instructions are provided within the package that you can follow to 

Easy to Wash:

This L-shaped couch cover not only keeps your sofa clean from dust and crumbs, but it is also easy to wash via hands and machines. So, you don’t require separate washing instructions to clean this cover and maintain its beauty for long.

Versatile Protection:

With one-time usage, you can safeguard your costly sofa from strains, wear and tear as well as protect it from getting wrinkles. You get enough cloth length to cover the gap and protect it from wrinkles. This way, you can stay assured of its long term protection for your sofa without compromising with its charm & beauty.

Above all, you can enjoy the after-sales service without any risk. Once added to your sofa/couch, you will experience a marvelous look added to your room. Still, in case you face any problem related to the couch cover, you can reach the manufacturers at kscamera@aliyum.com, and respective experts will contact you within 24 hours.

Now it’s time to put a glimpse of this sofa/couch cover.

Size Issue: Many customers have complained about the size of fabric that doesn’t stay at its place for long. As soon as you sit on your couch, the foam pops out every time.

Undesirable Fitting: Customers also complained about the undesirable fitting of this Sectional couch cover. 

Not Pet-Friendly: The couch cover isn’t good for pets. Every time a pet sits on the couch, their hairs stick to the polyester surface. As a result, you require using a vacuum cleaner to remove hair and other pieces from the cover.

So, what’s your viewpoint about this soft material offered with the perfect craftsmanship and high stretch capability.