Advantages of charred wood

Do you know the primary uses of charred wood? Have you insight into the benefits and advantages of burnt wood? Ancient Japanese used charred lumber for siding, fencing and decking for giving a unique look to the exterior of houses.

Burnt wood has specific characteristics for blocking reignition, rot, and radiation, it also has insect repellent ability. Shou sugi ban decking can be used in versatile applications for fencing, siding and also can be found inside flooring. In this article, we shall have a look at a few advantages of shou sugi ban treated wood by fire.


If you want to accelerate your construction time, charred wood may be a cost-effective solution. After the installation process, you do not need to opt for an expensive painting procedure. The ancient Japanese technique provides the unique design and color without the use of chemical additives, which is ready for use after the process is complete. You may get a considerable reduction in spending on the traditional painting job. The charred wood gives an impetus to your project speed, and you may not have to bear upfront costs.


If you burn timber, it will produce charred timber with a layer of char. There are immense advantages of this char, with considerable protection to timber from several damaging causes. UV and weathering are common factors for imparting harm to your wood, and the char layer eliminates this threat. In this way, there is no fading or peel. If you want your wood to withstand the harshness of time and weather, you should go for burning the wood. It also prevents termites and insects to infest near your wood.

Simple maintenance

Shou sugi ban has some fantastic advantages, which make it durable, weatherproof and little maintenance costs. The fantastic characteristic of charred wood makes it long-lasting, and a refinishing process will only come after a decade. This layer may be intact for at least one hundred years without any maintenance costs. In the interior of your house, where there are no weather effects, it may not need any maintenance forever. For the exterior, you may do it after 10 to 15 years.

Aesthetic touch

Before the shou sugi ban, you may choose a variety of colors and creative designs on it. You may choose the color of your preferred taste. The selection of colors depends on the deepness of the burning and brushing process. Shou sugi ban deck is a perfect solution for individuals who want exclusivity in their life. Unique design and ancient Japanese culture visuals will make your home, business look out of the ordinary.


There are no toxins used in the burning process. You may save your environment in this way. As it does not let the insects come near it, so you need not polishing it with chemicals. Charred wood is a safer and natural solution. You may preserve your wood without using toxins. You may make your environment clean because it is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. In this process, the cells get shrunk, which gives it much lesser exposure to damaging factors for a more extended period.