Why Furnished Apartments Are Such Popular Rental Options

Furnished apartments are consistently a winner for tenants looking to maximize their comfort and quality of life. There are more than 40 million renters in the United States—a figure that is holding steady, but on a long trending upward movement beginning in the 1970s.

Among renters, landing in a furnished apartment is a priority in many cases, and landlords have taken notice of this increased need. Property management companies are engaging with renters and those looking for a new home like never before—and this has begun to feature furnished listings over and above other options. Management outfits like Hello Landing are engaging with the U.S. national marketplace in order to bring better listings and pain-free move in dates to more tenants looking for their next new place to live than ever before.

If you’re a renter seeking out a new apartments for rent in thornton co, don’t sleep on the powerful variety of furnished apartments in your area. There are a number of reasons why renters need this segment of the market. If you fit within these use cases, a furnished apartment is likely the perfect remedy to your needs.

Renters are leaving college later.


Nearly one million graduates earn their Master’s degree each year in the United States. This is great for industry, and for the individuals who are pursuing their dreams through education. However, there is a unique side effect that goes along with a long term educational schedule. Master’s students tend to remain in college towns for longer, and put off buying furniture, a collection of decorative items, or anything that can pass as a long term appliance. College grads leave their schooling with a fantastic education, but often without a washing machine, couches, or much more than a desk.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but it creates the need to find a new place that’s already furnished. These amenities can get quite expensive if you have to set up a new home entirely from scratch. The ability to move into a home with a couch, bed, and cooking and cleaning installations can really be a lifesaver for the budget of a recent graduate.

Tenants are starting families later.


Even if you aren’t a postgraduate student on the eve of graduation, you’re likely someone who hasn’t yet started a family. Just as educational timeframes are running longer, singletons and couples are also waiting to settle down in marriage or with the welcoming of a first child (if they’re a part of the plan at all, of course).

Because of this longer timeline, many people simply aren’t moving out from their parents’ home, and aren’t building a reservoir of furniture and furnishings as quickly either. Lifespans are increasing all over the world, and so young adults are trending away from a rapid exodus into their future as a homeowner, parent, or spouse because the need for speed has largely evaporated.

Employees are moving for the exciting work/life balance of a big city.


However, some people are still moving with great haste. A move to the big city to engage in corporate events, the advertising game, or access to all night entertainment makes the markets in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Chicago buzzing places to be. Many young professionals want to take in this fast-paced lifestyle that’s filled with non-stop action, career expansion opportunities, and a wide group of friends to enjoy it all with. A move from the suburbs to the city can create a mismatch in housing though. Even if you already own a substantial collection of furniture, it’s unlikely to transfer from a suburban home to a city apartment.

The furnished marketplace is a solution to many gaps that we all share in some form. Access to the perfect new home is made far easier for renters with the use of a furnished place, no matter what stage of life you find yourself in these days.