How to make the best use of chrome spray paint

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Chrome spray paint can have a metallic and mirror effect, more or less marked, to give a modern touch to objects and more: it can be applied on different supports, for example glass, wood, metal and so on. The chrome effect, if well executed, is very realistic and very pleasant, if placed with taste on furniture and home decor.

A solution that allows to mimic the chrome and shiny effect that a lot of people like and to give a special personalized touch, for example, to contract furniture and house objects, but also to motorbikes, cars and so on. But for this purpose, is better to ask for help to trained personnel, to obtain a smooth surface, without bubbles or drops.

For domestic use though, chrome spray paint is a perfect solution to create, for example, a very original wall. You can also use chrome spray paint on small and medium sized objects, because potential smudges or imperfections can be covered by another layer of paint.

Commercial chrome paint is available mainly for two different applications, can chrome paint for private users and spray gun paint for professional users (to know more about professional chrome paint, please read the info on the following paint producer website:

Do you want to know how to use chrome spray paint at home, to obtain unique effects? Are you curious to know how to use chrome spray paint and you don’t know where to start? We want to give you some advice that will be useful to use this kind of spray paint.

 How to apply chrome spray paint

The first thing to do, before applying chrome spray paint, is to clean and prepare the area. If, for example, it’s an object, you must, first of all, spread a dark thick fabric on the floor and protect the surroundings: application through spray or spray gun, will spray the paint with high pressure, so you must be well prepared to avoid tarnishing the room you are working in. We advise to spread protective sheets to prevent stains.

Clean thoroughly the object: the surface must result smooth and uniform. To prevent the final effect to result ruined, it must be free of dust, dirt and so on.

At this point, once the object or wall is completely clean and free from other materials or dust, you can start working. Shake the spray chrome paint can for at least two minutes since you hear the internal marbles moving. This way, the paint will be uniform, homogeneous, without clumps and therefore, perfect to paint.

You can proceed: place the can at 25-30 cm from the object, press the spray and apply a single coating, moving the arm from right to left. The goal is to lay a first chrome spray paint layer on the surface, a very light layer: apply thinner layers and don’t insist too much in a single coating, to avoid unaesthetic dripping.

Once you placed the first coating, you can go on with the second one. First, though, shake the chrome spray paint for at least ten seconds, then proceed with a second coating to obtain a uniform color.

Once the second layer is done, the chrome spray paint should be sufficiently covering. Check that the second layer is uniform and complete. The object must be left to dry all night.

Metallic paints totally changes the look of the surface, if you are brave enough you can also try a decoration with gold or brass. In this case the advice is to decore only a small surface.

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