Home Improvements

The Best Home Improvements to Boost Your Property’s Value

It’s always a good idea to make some upgrades to your living space every few years, even if it’s just putting up fresh wallpaper or getting some new furniture. This helps to keep your home feeling modern, stylish, and comfortable for you to live in. However, while redecorating is always an effective way to bring about change, there are other home improvement projects you could do that will also add value to your property. If you’re more interested in doing work on your house that will boost its selling price as well as make it a better space for you to live in, consider the following.

Your home’s foundation is responsible for holding the rest of the house in place. You need it to be strong and stable to ensure your safety while living there. Bowing foundation walls should be taken seriously. If left alone, you risk the safety of your home and family. Expansive soil, hydrostatic pressure, and frost heaving are the main culprits behind bowing foundation walls. Those are all caused by water building up outside your foundation walls. Read more about – How to repair and prevent bowing foundation walls.

Get an Extension

One of the most effective ways to add value to your property is by extending it. Making a particular room bigger, or adding a new separate room entirely, will instantly make your home more spacious and more desirable as a result. These can be one of the most expensive home improvements to get, but they would be worthwhile. You’ll need to obtain planning permission from your local planning authority before you move ahead with this project. 

Loft Conversion

If you fail to get planning permission for an extension, or you don’t want to use up any of your exterior space by extending the property, then perhaps a loft conversion would be a better fit? These tend to be cheaper than extensions, depending on the type of conversion you get. A loft conversion is ideal if you need more space at home and don’t use the loft for storage, or only use part of it for this purpose. Whether you turn your loft into an extra bedroom, home office, games room, reading room, or bathroom, these conversions are so versatile you can easily find a purpose for one.


Similar to an extension, except a conservatory serves a particular purpose. These are excellent for letting more natural light into your living space and can be very desirable features in a home. You can use a conservatory as a secondary living room or dining room, although it may be a little cold to use during the winter months unless you have heating installed in there as well. Mainly used during the summer, it’s a great place to sit and relax while letting a gentle breeze waft through the house, and it will allow you to enjoy the feeling of being outside while still being sheltered if it’s raining. Look at this company that specializes in conservatories Stourbridge for some excellent examples.

Remodel the Kitchen and/or Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are two essential rooms in any house, so making sure that they are equipped with everything you’ll need is important. 

While certain appliances and good plumbing are must-haves, your home will become much more attractive if you spent time making sure these rooms were stylish, too. If you think your kitchen or bathroom could use an upgrade, investing in a remodel will be worth every penny.