The Five Underestimated Perks of Steel-Frame Kit Homes

Looking for a home where you can move in as quick as possible? If only you can simply call a construction company, choose your home design, and wait for your home to be delivered to your land just like pizza. Luckily, you may have an option similar to this scenario. We call these kinds of dwelling “kit homes.”

They say that constructing a house is not as easy as building a lego house, but kit homes prove you that they can be. A kit home also called “pre-cut houses” or “mail order homes”, is a type of housing wherein the structure is designed and partially manufactured off site and then the materials are delivered to the construction site for assembly. One of the best types of these homes is steel frame kit homes, which refers to the construction and precise engineering of a house with steel framework.

Though they offer affordable and durable housing, steel frame kit homes are underrated. They are often criticized as cheap and unstable dwellings that look the same like those of granny flats. But the truth is they are engineered intricately for the exact specifications of a floor plan, making them a great option for families.

Nine-way procedures in acquiring a steel frame kit home

1. Choosing your design

2. Manufacturing of the materials and components

3. Delivery of the items to your site

4. Preparing the site for construction

5. Assembly of steel frames (wall frame and roofing frame)

6. Exterior cladding

7. Finishing off the construction of the interior

8. Painting and beautifying of exterior and interior

9. Installation of kitchen items

After finishing these steps in less than five months. your home will be picture-perfect and ready for decorating. To break the myths about steel frame kit homes are these five benefits that would make you want to settle in these unconventional abodes.


Steel frame kit homes are 40% less expensive to build compared to their conventional counterparts. The home’s flexible design gives you the power to choose what and what not to include and therefore makes it easier for you to stick to your budget, Even though steel frame kit homes are cheaper, the quality of these homes are never compromised.

The flexibility of the design same goes with the flexibility of the package. Some construction companies give you the option to buy only the house plans and materials at a lower cost. With this, you can build your own home yourself (if you have the needed experience for home construction) or hire your trusted contractor.


Steel frames are stronger than their wood counterparts. Basically, the main advantage of steel is it avoid’s wood’s disadvantage like retention of moisture, rotting, and weakening or frame. If you’re living in an area prone to storms, floods, and earthquakes, steel frame kit homes might be the best choice. Aside from having the strongest resistance to natural disasters, steel is also non-combustible which helps make your household safe from fire hazards.


Are you an enthusiast of cozy, rustic homes, or more of modern minimalist homes? Whatever that is, steel frame kit homes give you a variety of design options you can choose from to make your dream house a tangible reality. You have the power to choose custom room layouts, colors, sizes, and materials that will best fit your lifestyle. If you need more rooms for your home, there are also manufacturers that offer two-storey kit homes.

Easier and quicker to build

The construction of conventional homes usually takes 6 months to one year to finish. If you can’t wait that long to move in, steel kit homes might be the right choice. Since the manufacturer has already worked out the basic plans, technical details, and pre-assembled material, it will be easier and quicker for them to build your house upon reaching your construction site.

The installation of the roof, windows, and doors, as well as the erection of the exterior’s shell, only takes several hours to a few days to finish. After building the foundation and the exterior, just wait for only 2-3 months for your interior and kitchen installation.


Being eco-friendly is not just a trend but rather a necessary action to keep the earth’s natural resources from further destruction. In steel frame kit homes, the consumption of natural materials like wood is minimized since steel is made of recycled materials. No trees in the forest will be harmed in building your home.

Aside from sparing trees, steel is also free from toxicological and allergic effects which make it ideal for the dwelling of your family.

Mina is a writer by profession but a designer by heart, who spends most of her time seeking innovative ideas about architecture and interior design. She regularly writes for PAAL Kit Homes, a construction company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying top-quality steel-framed kit homes in Australia.