Things to Consider While Relocating

Relocating furniture in a room is the best and most inexpensive method of imparting a new look. However, there are a few aspects that you have to keep in mind while shifting around pieces of furniture. Through this article, we will enable you to understand some of these important tips.Do not try to be a he-man and carry tall items. It is best to have two people to shift a filing cabinet or a shelf, by tipping it at a backward angle. Carrying it an angle will also allow you to transport up or down stairs, as the angle will match the slope of stairs. Carrying chairs can be done by hooking the large ones around the corner. You can turn it on the side so that it becomes shaped like an ‘L’ and then carry it through the doorway.

Carry couches in the horizontal manner while passing through wide passages. However, when it is time to bring it into the room, carrying it horizontal will not help. To make the turn through a hallway, place the couch on its end and slide it in.

Heavy pieces of furniture should be slid instead of carrying them across. Sliding such furniture can be made easier if small pieces of cardboard or towels are placed under their legs. If at all they need to be lifted, make sure you do so in the correct posture. Do not lift more than you are able to carry in a comfortable manner, or else you may end up with a sore back. For certain furniture, it is more advisable to
pull rather than push. It can only be determined through personal experience.

 Take time to empty boxes or furniture before shifting them. Many of us forget to unload the pieces of furniture before trying to carry them. Cushions and pillows can add mass which could make significant difference to the overall weight of the furniture.
These days, lifting straps are available in the market, which can be adjusted to carry objects of different sizes. They are highly suitable for moving objects on flat surfaces. Home centres and home shopping websites usually have such straps in stock.
If there are flat objects such as wall clocks, frisbees, towels and carpet remnants, they can be carried on
rugs.  Carpets and rugs are helpful for sliding large number of objects from one room to another.
Before starting to move the furniture and other objects, you must have a plan in place. Placement of different objects can be decided on paper first, to get an overall picture of symmetry. It is simple to sketch a floor plan on graph paper and decide on what looks best in which part of the house. One tip to keep in mind here is that the room must give a feeling of space and not look cluttered instead. If furniture everywhere needs to be set up from scratch, tape a copy of the room layout to one of the walls. This will make it easier to remember what you have in mind.
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