This GH Seal Febreze Air Freshener Is Just Under $6 on Amazon


Continuous fresheners, like gels, solids, diffusers, crystals and plug-ins work 24/7 so they are on the job and ready to tackle an odor as it happens. But because they work around the clock, they are emitting fragrance and also getting consumed when no odors may be present. Most usually last at least a month or more.

Sprays work instantaneously and are the easiest way to achieve immediate odor removal results. You only spray them when and where you need them, but the scent can fade fairly quickly. And some may just cover up — not eliminate — an odor, only to have it return.

Candles take a bit of time after lighting for the wax to melt and to begin emitting a fragrance. Even when they do, it may be more subtle than with other types of fresheners and fade quickly once the flame goes out. Candles are one of the most beautiful ways to impart fragrance in the air, plus they add a nice ambiance to the room. However, they can be dangerous, so never leave burning candles unattended and always keep them away from children and pets. Never burn a candle for longer than one hour per inch of the candle’s diameter. So, a three-inch wide candle should burn for no longer than three hours. Otherwise, it gets too hot and too much of it gets liquified. If that happens, jar candles can crack and pillar candles can leak and drip onto the furniture or counter.


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