Tips for Spring Cleaning in 2023

If you are seeking tips for spring cleaning in 2021, look no further!

For many people, spring means that it is time for a thorough cleaning of their home, whether it’s rolling up their sleeves and doing it themselves, or investing in dedicated San Antonio house cleaning services. The tradition comes from a time when winter meant a buildup of grime and dirt as people attempted to keep warm air in and cold air out. However, there is no doubt that the refreshing tradition still holds merit today.

In fact, it is not just about cleaning but about decluttering and preparing for the active, potentially hectic months ahead. To ensure your spring begins in the right way, we have some tips, so be sure to stick around and make things that much easier on yourself!

Prepare Thoroughly

Spring cleaning is a deep cleaning, meaning a lot of effort and a seemingly endless list of tasks and chores for you to do. However, things become far easier if you prepare properly. What this means is that you need to ensure you have all of the proper tools, from brooms and vacuums to any specialized tools your unique home has to offer.

Furthermore, and perhaps even more importantly, you need to make sure your trusty cleaning supplies are up for the hearty task ahead. After all, while you likely have a broom or vacuum, how often do you clean the things that clean your home? A few really simple ways to make the task ahead easier is to:

  • Use some detergent and a cloth (damp, of course) to clean your vacuum
  • Knock everything out of your broom, then soak it in soapy water
  • Nuke your sponge in the microwave for a few minutes to eliminate bacteria
  • Mix water and vinegar, then soak your mop in it for fifteen minutes or so
  • Consider hiring a junk removal service or local dumpster rentals

With clean tools comes a clean home, allowing you to get the maximum efficiency out of your companions on the cleaning journey ahead.

Go from Top to Bottom

When you clean your ceiling, dust and other particles fall down. Therefore, if you clean low before you clean high, you might just make your job that much harder! Work smart, not hard.

Go Room to Room

Spring cleaning does not have to be a one-day process. In fact, it’s a good idea to spread things out and keep yourself from burning out. After all, you want to do the best job possible for this once a year event. Therefore, pace yourself, and finish one room at a time.

Make Short Work of the Freezer

If you’re like many people, your first thought is scraping. While it may seem like the obvious method, things don’t actually have to be that difficult. Instead, you can let heat do the work. All you have to do is unplug the freezer, fill the bottom with paper towels, and then put some hot water inside. After that, let the heat do its work. After the freezer has thawed, remove the paper towels and get to cleaning!

Remove the Odor in Your Fridge Easily

The classic and effective solution is baking soda. Use some warm water and wipe things clean to eliminate odor. If there is still a smell, consider coffee grounds, leaving some in your fridge and letting them eliminate the odor. Strong soaps or detergents are frowned upon since they might affect whatever food you choose to stock your fridge with.

Baking Soda Works Wonders on a Stove Top

While we’re on the subject of baking soda, consider it for your stove tops as well. Make sure you give them a thorough cleaning, wiping any coils with a wet cloth. Do not use baking soda on coils, and never leave them plugged in while cleaning.

Save Windows for a Gloomy Day

Spring is all about sunshine. At least that’s the dream. However, cleaning your windows when the sun is out and shining can cause streaking. To avoid this, clean your windows on a cloudy or gloomy day.

Leave Your Cloth Dry for Blinds

Blinds can be delicate, and they usually only need to be cleaned for dust. Since that is the case, you only need to use a microfiber cloth to quickly and easily rid them of dust. This might be one of the easiest tasks you have!

Spend Time on Your Bed

Sleeping is great, but in this instance, it means making sure your mattress and pillows receive some proper care. Turn your mattress if you do not do so regularly, thoroughly clean it, and make sure your pillows smell nice and fresh before putting everything back in place.


Spring cleaning is an in-depth, arduous process, but it is one that allows you to reset and prepare for the year to come. Especially this year, in 2021, that seems important. Hopefully, these tips for spring cleaning in 2021 will help you accomplish your spring cleaning goals.