Tips To Find The Right Size Of Sanding Belt

If you are working on your motor vehicle, and want it to shine perfectly without having any dents, scratches or even roughness, then you must be looking forward to buying a sandpaper belt. When buying a sandpaper belt, it is more likely that you will be confused about the wide variety of sizes available in the market. 

It is definitely not a good choice to pick up any sandpaper belt you see. The right material, number of grits, and especially the right size of the belt are the necessary factors to rely upon. Therefore, if you are going to buy a sandpaper belt, make sure you get a perfect size so that there is no chance of any further damage to the vehicle. 

Determine The Size Of Existing Belt

The easiest and most common method to get the new right size of sandpaper belt is by determining the size of the existing belt. It is possible that the sandpaper belt that you have, must have got rolled up. Thus, cut the old folded sandpaper in the way by which it becomes linear. While cutting the folded belt, ensure that the cutting is straight. 

If the folds are not cut in a linear way, the length measurement of the sandpaper belt gets disrupted. Once, it gets perfectly unfolded, measure the width of the belt, and get the right dimension. This will help you to get the perfect size of sandpaper belt for your vehicle, directly by asking the belt for the given appropriate dimension.  

Measurement Of The New Belt Without Having Old One

If you don’t have any existing sandpaper belt, or even not ever used before, you don’t have to worry. As there are other methods to measure the belt without having any existing or old ones. You simply have to take a piece of thread and wrap it around the sander at the correct position. While doing so, make sure it does not overlap. After this, measure the area linearly, and similarly measure the width of the roller. Now that you have the right measurement of width and length, you are all ready to buy a new sandpaper belt. 

Try To Get A Narrow Sandpaper Belt

If you still are not able to measure the belt perfectly, you can try out narrow standard sizes of the sanding belt. The belts are usually available in the sizes of 2×72, 1×30, 2×42, 4×36, and 4×24, these are the most popular sizes. However, if you have an existing belt, you try one more method other than the above-given method. In the other method, you can simply fold the old sandpaper belt in half and then measure its length as well as width. Once measured, double the measurement of length, and get the right required size of the sandpaper. 

However, while choosing the right sandpaper, you must also see the grit of the sandpaper. Aluminium oxide belts are very popular and commonly used belts. Moreover, now that you have understood how to determine and what things to see while finding the right size of sandpaper belt, buy yourself the perfect one and keep your vehicle shiny and new.