Top 7 Benefits of Using a Nebulizing Diffuser in Your Home

A nebulizing diffuser for aromatherapy in your home or space makes all the difference. To understand the benefits, you must know how a nebulizing diffuser works. This kind of diffuser is the best compared to all other types of aromatherapy diffusers. Why is this? A nebulizing diffuser delivers the purest essential oil to your space with virtually no alteration to the oil content and quality therein. As a result, you enjoy optimal therapeutic benefits from your chosen essential oils. The Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas is a market leader. This desirable diffuser comes in various shapes and styles. As a functional piece of art, it works as follows;

The Bernoulli principle  

The Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser for aromatherapy works through the Bernoulli principle. This is a fluid dynamics maxim that ensures dispersal of 100% essential oil into your space. The diffuser consists of a handmade plantation hardwood base together with a pyrex glass that is handblown. The diffuser has many internal components including an air pump, tubing for air pump, circuit board, glass reservoir, micro tubes, volume control, light switch, power input, silencing foam and more. This fluid dynamics precept works as follows;

Through a small tube, an air current is forced and this increases the velocity. However, pressure is reduced at the exit point. This difference in pressure then causes a suction effect that propels essential oils in a separate glass tube to rise in an upward direction. Pressurized air then hits the essential oil causing atomization in the glass reservoir. In other words, the oil is turned into micro particles and through a glass cap, these tiny particles or mist are dispersed into the environment. The process then repeats itself until all the oil in the diffuser is used up. Note that no water or heat are needed in this process.

Top benefits of using the Organic Aromas nebulizing diffuser for Aromatherapy 

  1. No heat necessary 

There is absolutely no heat required in the process of diffusing. No heat means that your essential oils are not denatured or altered. Heat is the number one enemy to the efficacy of essential oils. Candle diffusers and aroma heaters actively need heat for diffusing. This process weakens the aroma and quality of oil that is dispersed into the air. The heart of aromatherapy is to deliver authentic and original aromas for therapeutic benefits to be realized. The nebulizing diffuser by Organic Aromas therefore gives you the best quality aromatherapy. In addition, heat diffusers can also lead to accidents and are therefore not safe.  

  1. No plastic, no toxicity

Because the diffuser is not made with any plastic, this method is non-toxic for your home. Off-gassing is a very common problem that is often witnessed with diffusers that contain plastic elements. The plastic reacts with essential oil in the process to produce harmful substances. Ultrasonic diffusers are known to have plastic components. Glass is the best when it comes to handling and diffusing potent essential oils. The nebulizing diffuser as stated above is built with an elegant hardwood base together with a hand-blown pyrex glass to perform optimally and safely.

  1. No water is required

No water is needed in the process and this means that oils are not diluted. It also means that no extra moisture or humidity is added to your space. It works seamlessly to deliver pure aromatherapy so that you can get the most out of it. Some diffusers double up as humidifiers and this does affect the quality of the aroma. You therefore want a diffuser whose job is to effectively disperse essential oils.

  1. Quiet and durable 

The nebulizing diffuser by OA fits into your space perfectly because it is extremely quiet. Therefore, whether you are playing, working or sleeping, your experience can only be enhanced. This product is also durable and made in the highest quality. To this end, you can expect it to last for years.

  1. Little power usage

In terms of electricity usage, this diffuser is extremely efficient; using very little power. It also covers a wide area with the aroma owing to the widespread dispersal of essential oil. Therefore, you can rest assured that all the health benefits of aromatherapy will come to you; thanks to this awesome aromatherapy tool.

  1. Gorgeous diffusers for your decor

Organic Aromas nebulizing diffusers as stated above are not only functional tools; they are also stylish additions to your space. There are varieties to choose from as well. From hand carved to laser engraved and color printed diffusers, choose a personalized design that will suit your taste and your space. You can opt for a dark hardwood base or a light one. A beautiful diffuser centerpiece strategically placed in your space adds to the ambiance.

  1. Cost effective diffusers

As alluded to above, the nebulizing diffuser lasts many years. It is therefore a cost effective move when you invest in one today. You can choose a nebulizing diffuser that agrees with your budget. All in all, they are highly affordable and for the quality, this is certainly a wise buy.

With 13 different kinds of nebulizing diffusers in the market, Organic Aromas stands out as a market leader in the aromatherapy sector. The brand is committed to putting the needs of the customer first. To this effect, expect high quality products and excellent customer service whenever you reach out. 

In addition to providing an array of nebulizing diffusers, OA also stocks high quality essential oils. From single to blended essential oils; enjoy the purest aromatherapy in the market. Read some independent customer reviews and see what others are saying; you will discover that most people who invest in quality nebulizing diffusers and essential oils by OA are happy customers.

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