Turning Landscapes into Pet-Friendly Havens

A home is almost never complete without a pet. However, there are many challenges that come with owning one. As more and more homes are being designed as “pet-friendly”, the need to do the same with landscapes and gardens is becoming crucial. Fortunately for pet lovers, there are a variety of options out there that can help provide a satisfying outdoor space for both man and their best friend.
Pets, especially dogs, would love to chew on almost anything. If you want to save yourself from having to guard your precious plants to ward off your canine’s chewing urges, put fences or borders around flower beds. Choose some large stones or driftwood to let them know that these are off-limits. If your pet is persistent, opt for potted plants or raised flower beds instead.
Choose your plants wisely. The common daffodil may seem beautiful in your garden but it could be detrimental to the health of your pets. If you really want them in your garden, put them in a spot where they can’t be easily reached. Some designers recommend a hanging pot or a shelf against a wall to put potted plants on. Otherwise, take out any of the common plants that are dangerous to pets, such as:
·         Aloe Vera
·         Baby’s Breath
·         Begonia
·         Carnations
·         Chrysanthemum
·         Daffodil
·         Gladiola
·         Ivy
·         Lillies
·         Morning Glory
·         Oleander
·         Poinsettia
·         Tomato plants
·         Tulips
Fake grass for yard spaces is becoming such a hot trend nowadays. It is typical for owners to worry if it would be appropriate for their pets as well. The good news is that pets love it! Here are some of the benefits of artificial grass for dogs, cats, and other pets:
·         It provides a warm and safe bed for them to lie down on
·         It effectively drains urine
·         Cleaning pet waste off of it will not cause any damage to the grass
·         It provides a mud-free environment, even after it rains
·         It won’t be a breeding ground for weeds that could be dangerous for your pets
·         There will be no bald patches on it even if your pets scratch on it
Hardscapes provide a means of exercise, especially for dogs. You may want to put a concrete or stone pathway where you can walk your pets. If you choose an aggregate for it, choose stones with smooth edges such as pebbles. This way, the delicate paws of your pets won’t get hurt.
If you have extra bucks to make your outdoor space more pleasurable, add some pet playground features. It does not even have to be expensive. For example, you can tip over a huge water drum and make a hole at the bottom so pets can walk through it like a tunnel. You can also install some beams with different heights so your pets can jump on it. It is also ideal to have a shallow pool for them to play on, unless you already have a pool that the family uses. Not only do you provide them the exercise they need, you also give your pets the opportunity to enjoy and pleasure themselves without sacrificing a shoe or any upholstery.