Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Front-Yard Landscaping

Which is the most influential area of your property? You are most likely thinking of your exquisite décor which cost you an arm and leg to install. However, you will be shocked to learn that your curb largely determines your home’s value. First impressions count and this is not a myth. If someone is looking for a place to buy, they will first assess the outdoor including your curb, the lawn and other exterior installations.

What goes through the mind of every visitor is that the exterior reflects what they will get inside. In fact, most visitors use the exterior outlook to assess your personality. If they want to assess how well you have cared for your property, they will just have to check how well your lawn is tended and they will make the connection. From the moment the visitors go online and view the photos, they will have determined how good you are at caring for the property.

Now that you appreciate the need for an aesthetically appealing curb to increase the value of your property, why not take the next step and up your home’s curb appeal? Here are some ideas:

1. Add a Low Fence

Have you ever noticed how a low white fence adds a classic touch to a property? Well, you can also add this magic to your home. It is a great way of adding depth to your property and giving the impression that your yard is larger than it actually is. It is also a simple way to mark the boundary and provide some privacy without diminishing the aesthetic appeal of the property.

2. Upgrade the Door and Hardware

If you want to give the porch a really nice touch, you can go for a new door because the market now offers better designs to choose from. There are modern, glass, screen porch systems, antique, contemporary, and oriental among plenty of other door designs to choose from. You just need to select the right one that blends with your home’s exterior outlook.

While you’re thinking about the door, why not add a flag next to it as a way to show your pride for your country? You can easily find flagpole hardware online that has everything you will need in order to install a flagpole in your front yard, so the only other thing you’ll need to do is choose the flag you are going to fly from it.

Inclement weather and age will definitely have an effect on your porch door. If you want to enhance the curb appeal of your home, think around new door ideas. There are two ways to go about this; you can either repair the door or go for a completely new door. Refinishing means you have to upgrade the door’s hardware including the clock and handle, decorative door number and the paneling.

3. Light Up the Yard


Illuminating the sidewalks and even the entryway is a great way of revolutionizing your property’s aesthetic appeal in an easy way. There are many lighting options to choose from including LEDs which not only save energy but also give your home a welcoming touch. Outdoor lights also enhance security and visitors will always be grateful when they walk up to your door.

4. Edge the Driveway

If you want a neat lawn, then consider edging the driveway to avoid overgrowth of grass onto the road. A nice border should be constructed along the driveway using unique materials such as bricks because this not only adds to your home’s curb appeal but also makes it easier to maintain your lawn.

5. Think Beyond One Season

It is all fine to have blooming flowers during spring and summer, but if winter will just bring gloom to your curb, then your landscaping has failed its purpose. A good curb should stay attractive throughout the seasons meaning you have to blend flowers with trees and exterior installations which will remain appealing throughout the seasons.

6. Add Some Glamour with Perennials

What is a lawn without a touch of flowers? This is the easiest method of improving your home’s curb appeal and maintaining them is not hard at all. What’s more, flowers can be planted on the lawn or even in hanging baskets to add some glamour to the property. When buying plants, make sure they are perennials to avoid going back to the nursery every other year.

7. Refinish the Porch Floor

Is your porch floor weather beaten? If so, then make sure it is refinished by stripping and polishing. Alternatively, you can overhaul and replace the flooring to make it even more appealing.

Truth be told, home maintenance is not easy, but if you are on regular lookout, you will find the small errors which can exacerbate to bigger issues early enough. First impressions matter a lot and your home’s curb appeal speaks volumes about how you care for the property. Go on now and get down to work.

Sam Wade is an innovative digital marketing manager designing end-to-end marketing campaigns or Jackson Asphalt. His expertise lies in developing unique marketing processes that ensure continued growth and development of the business. Sam has successfully led the marketing team of Jackson Asphalt with his knowledge and experience.