Blind Cleaning

What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

Your blinds can quickly get dirty. They get dust and grime on them if they are not regularly washed, and if you smoke, then they can also take on a yellow color. You clean your house, but you may ignore your blinds. 

Rather than dump them and replace them with others, you should consider ultrasonic cleaning. It’s a process that can get you clean blinds and also save you down the road. Before you search for “ultrasonic blind cleaning near me”, you should learn what it is. 


The person cleaning the blinds puts it in a washer that can hold even extra-long blinds and they add a specially formulated detergent. The washer agitates to a point where billions of bubbles are created in the water. This in turn cleans off all the dirt and other stains. This is a much more eco-friendly option than other ways. It brings the blinds to a nearly new state of cleanliness. Many will look at buying distilled water to use for this washing process, as when sanitizing, purified distilled water is much better than tap water as tap water is full of chemicals and minerals.


The people doing the cleaning will put the blinds in a special drying agent. This will help prevent any water spotting as well as help it to dry much faster. Your blinds will be dry and ready to use again in less than an hour. 

A great thing about ultrasonic cleaning is that it works with nearly every single type of blind out there, ranging from metal to various types of shade. Wood warps in water, so this would not be a good option. It’s a fast way to clean and it gets much better results than doing it by hand with rags and otehr cleaners. 

Another benefit of ultrasonic blind cleaning is that it also clears out the dirt and grime in the blind mechanisms. It also lubricates those mechanisms and you will find that your blinds will operate as close to new as possible. Opening and closing them should be much much easier. 

While this process works with many types of blinds, if they are older blinds, then there is the risk that a certain adhesive that was used then would come loose and cause the blinds to come apart. That is rare and the majority of blinds can be cleaned ultrasonically. 

Even if you buy inexpensive blinds, replacing them winds up adding costs that could go elsewhere. Having them cleaned ultrasonically can wind up saving you money in the long run. Then you can enjoy other things while also having blinds that look great.