3 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your Lawn

For the most part, you’re pleased with the way your lawn looks – when it’s freshly mowed, anyway. Although a well-maintained lawn is able to nicely complement virtually any home, keeping your lawn short and healthy is often easier said than done. Whether you tend to your own lawn care or leave it in the hands of an outside contractor, lawn maintenance can be expensive, exhausting and incredibly time-consuming. As such, it’s no wonder so many people are opting to replace their lawns with artificial grass, pebbles, wood chips or sands. Getting rid of your home’s lawn may initially seem like a far-out idea, but there are three big reasons you should entertain the possibility. 

A Tremendous Weight off Your Shoulders

If you spend your workweek toiling away at the office, the last thing you should have to do is spend your hard-earned weekend toiling away in the yard. There’s no denying that grass grows quickly, particularly during the fall, spring and summer months. Additionally, if you live in an area of the country that’s prone to heavy rainfall, there may be no way around weekly mowing. Furthermore, people who live in homes with expansive yards are liable to spend a minimum of several hours on each lawn mowing excursion. Contacting gravel and sand suppliers about replacing your lawn with fashionable pebbles or sands can save you a considerable amount of time and effort, freeing up your weekends for more leisurely pursuits. 

A Great Way to Save Money
Whether you rely on a landscaping service for your lawn care needs or handle them yourself, chances are you’re pouring a sizable sum of money into your yard. Not only are reliable lawnmowers – particularly the riding variety – incredibly expensive, they guzzle fuel at a rate that would put many SUVs to shame. Even the best mowers money can buy are prone to frequent breakdowns, which subsequently give way to pricey repairs. If you use a landscaping service, chances are you’re spending at least a hundred dollars per visit – more if your home has an enormous yard. As much as you relish having a great-looking lawn, is it really worth thousands of dollars a year? When you stop to consider all the things that money could be used for, throwing it away your lawn seems pretty silly. 

A Small Victory for Water Conservation
Recent years have seen an increase in draught conditions in numerous parts of the country, most notably Southern California. Even if you don’t hail from a draught-affected area, there’s little sense in wasting fresh water on your lawn. Getting rid of your lawn altogether is a great way to reduce your household’s water consumption and preserve what it is becoming an increasingly finite resource. If you absolutely refuse to stop watering your lawn, used bathwater and dishwater can generally get the job done.
In many respects, caring for a lawn is a thankless job. The rewards associated with this endeavor are highly disproportionate to all the time, money and effort it requires. Anyone looking to free up some leisure time, save money and help the environment should strongly consider giving their lawn the boot.

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