6 Design Tricks For A Luxury Home

Achieving a luxury home design on an affordable budget might sound like the dream, but with a little preparation and research from your end, it can be a reality. An elegant space should combine the decadence of a 5-star hotel with the unique touches that make a house a home. If you’re needing extra inspiration after reading this post, consider checking out interior design specialists such as Helen Coulston for creative designs, tips, and tricks.

If you’re in for the long haul, a custom build home could be the right option for you. A great custom builder will guide you every step of the way, crafting a design tailored to your individual needs and budget. But if you’re looking for a quick fix, then here six easy design tricks to transform any space into a retreat!

Choose Your Lighting Carefully

Choosing your lighting is an important step towards establishing the ambience of your home. An intricate, yellow-hued light can bring warmth and character to large spaces. On the other hand, a simple, delicate pendant can highlight notable architectural details with the flick of a switch.

Good lighting should serve three purposes; to decorate, to task and to set the mood. Firstly, you’ll need to address the priority of your space before you rush out to the shops. If you install a drop light above your kitchen then it could make the room seem grander, whereas a bathroom often requires more simple additions to create a sleek, clean look. Installing a full-blown chandelier in your bedroom might feel overbearing while you sleep, but not out of place in your entrance hallway.

Open Up The Room

Space is a true luxury that not all homeowners have, but rest assured there are a number of simple solutions to this. Hiring a custom builder to shape the layout of your home design is a great long-term alternative. The simple decision to knock down a wall between the dining and living can create an open, sociable entertaining space to inspire.

If you’re on the lookout for a more time-friendly, cost-effective change then updating your key furniture pieces or moving items to different rooms is an excellent way to quickly transform a space. De-cluttering your house by removing unnecessary or imposing objects (think: clunky couches, multiple cabinets or side tables) will create the illusion of more space and by extension, a true sense of luxury.

The Finishing Touches Count
A beautiful rose-gold fruit bowl on your bench might seem trivial, but minor additions like these will make all the difference in the bigger picture. Small touches, such as a mirror on a wall or well-placed cushion on a seat, build a subtle elegance where the devil really is in the detail.

Unique decor can be a fabulous talking point for guests and establish a rich character throughout your home. For a truly polished look, select a colour palette and style combination that is easy to inject into each room and run with it!

Interior Colour Has A Big Impact

The right interior paint choice will go unnoticed by guests unless it is the intended focal point. A great wall colour should blend seamlessly with the room and compliment the ambience of the space. This means it might be time to strip away those fire-hydrant red walls and replace this angry colour with a more mellow, warm neutral instead.

For those of us who still enjoy a pop of colour, selecting a muted variation is a great way to compromise. And if you have a picture rail, why not colour the top portion the same as the ceiling? This will heighten the room and enhance the natural light. Above all, choose your paint for the room! A crisp white in one space could add an air of sophistication, but in another appear sterile and boring.

Don’t Forget The Outdoors

A luxury home should feel as if it has a life of its own. Bringing the outdoors in is a great method to encourage a light, thriving and positive atmosphere throughout your home. Plants create a sense of peace and belonging, and can automatically calm a stressed or tired mind.

They also have the added benefit of purifying the air in the room, helping your space to appear as lush and healthy as a growing garden. Choosing the right plant is about more than which leaves look the best against your window. You’ll also need to consider the size of the species and which pot style will fit in with the room. An aloe plant, pothos or spider plant are great options to introduce a more diverse, luxurious mode of living.

Keep It Consistent
You might notice that the most authentic luxury homes feature a consistent attention to detail in every room and each corner. The design of a house should reflect the owner’s personal style and careful attention to detail wholly. There is little point in fixing up one room, only to leave the rest exactly as they are!

Whilst it’s important to take every change one step at a time, you’ll need to ensure that your goal remains steadfast. After all, a genuinely elegant home should be enjoyed and appreciated by you no matter which room you’re in!


As Managing Director of Mazzei Homes, Australia’s leading luxury home builders, Daniel Mazzei has a strong ambition to innovate the building experience for those looking to build and renovate their homes. Offering all clients his masterful expertise in custom home design.