Five Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Shabby Chic is a form of interior design where the pieces of furniture and decors seem to look old, antique, and timeworn. This particular gives character to one’s space by its subtle deconstruction of its pieces, like soft pastel colors married with distressed wooden pieces of furniture with breezy fabrics and rustic vintage items taken from a long time ago. The design principles of shabby chic are same as those of cottage homes – coziness and comfort through informal elegance.

This form of interior design does not only work best indoors but outdoors as well. Making your porch, patio, or garden look as if they are beautifully abandoned and aged may sound appealing. Think about having a cup of tea during the afternoon while sitting underneath a vine-filled pergola, breathing fresh air while walking on a pathway with live willow garden arches, or having a glimpse of the picturesque landscape while lying on your rustic, distressed bed swing.
Here are some of the shabby chic additions that can give your outdoor space a whimsical appeal and timeless character.
Dining Set

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk of “shabby chic outdoor dining set design” is the Mad Tea Party scene in Alice in Wonderland. White and pastel colors were dominant, worn furniture of different shapes and sizes, as well as accessories from the 19th century, were used. You don’t necessarily have to imitate Alice’s broad imagination. They key is to find comfort by loosening up and breaking conventions. Ditch the symmetry and focus on eccentricity.
For your chairs and tables, you may use either wood, steel, or a combination of both. Creating a timeworn look for the furniture can be obtained in three simple steps: applying a coat of primer, coating it with two layers of paint (lighter color on first and darker on the second), and scruffing it with medium-grit sanding sponge after drying. You may also put in an outdated umbrellas or awnings to protect you from the sun.

Before the modern and retractable pergolas dominated the market, these garden shades were already used not just to protect humans from intense sunlight but also to serve as homes for plants. To achieve a shabby chic appeal, you may train woody vines oo them and let these plants naturally dominate the pergola. You may place rustic chic garden dining sets or a bench underneath the structure that you may sit on while glaring at the beautiful landscapes. The goal is to find comfort by bringing back the old times through your design, so use wooden pergolas or make a modern one look rustic by painting it and decorating it with natural flowers and vines.

Being cradled by the winds on a bed swing or a hammock during the lazy afternoon might be one of the best ways to find relaxation in your own home. These dangling pieces bring a whimsical approach to lifeless porches especially when they’re accessorized with pillows of light and pastel colors or floral patterns. Shabby chic porch beds are mostly made up of wood that is recycled and appears to be timeworn and metal chains. If you don’t have a large porch at home, you may rekindle the old times and unleash the inner child in you by hanging your swings on the tree branches.
Garden Arch

Adorn your walkway by putting in garden arches covered with such lush greenery and colorful flowers. Garden arches not just enchanting additions to your outdoor space, but can also be used to attract friendly, flying creatures into your space like birds and butterflies. Aside from steel and wood, living willow can also be used for they are versatile in trimming and weaving into shape.

No porch to decorate? Building a gazebo might sound good to you. A shabby chic gazebo never fails to add a romantic appeal to one’s patio. These small pavilions are not just ideal for social gatherings but for casual relaxation as well.  The gazebo’s open, round or octagon-shaped design gives you the freedom to decorate. You may put in wooden benches, dining sets or coffee tables, swings, or simply leave it open.
Aside from making the wooden elements of the gazebo look distressed and old by painting and scraping it, you may also create a “deserted gazebo in the woods” effect by letting the vines and plants naturally roam around the structure. Flowers that are naturally painted in white, pink, or lavender make it look even more charming.

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