5 Steps to the ultimate Games Room

If you have a spare room in the house that is never used, why not optimise that space by creating the ultimate games room? It can be a place for the kids or even you to escape from everything and just go to relax and play a few games.

Even if you don’t think you have the space you may have an untapped location like the basement or even the back shed. Whether it’s already furnished or it’s waiting to be done up, you can always rework a space to become a great games room with the help of this article. There are plenty of activities and things you can put in your games room. For the ultimate games room just incorporate these 5 steps!

1. Use your space wisely

Pre-plan the space you have and how you’re going to use it. Decide what games, equipment and furnishing you’re going to have in your game room and establish the best layout for the room. Be careful not to have too many games and activities that will overcrowd the room and leave little space to move and play.

2. Incorporate the correct furniture

First and foremost when you’re in your ultimate games room, you won’t want to leave! You need all the right furniture to make sure you don’t have to leave. The first thing you’ll need is a bar fridge. Having a bar fridge means you have access to food and drink without having to leave all the fun!

If you’re going to be gaming on the big screen, you’ll need plenty of seating. Choose furniture that doubles as seating and tables. Having flat surfaces that can double as chairs and tables will prevent the need to have additional table and chairs. Also ensure they are easy to move around the room.

3. Have plenty of lighting

If you want to be able to see what you’re doing properly you’ll want the space to be well lit. If your game room doesn’t have enough natural lighting, ensure you have plenty of ceiling lighting. You don’t want to have lamps around that have to potential to be knocked over and smashed.

4. Optimise on wall space

Most game rooms don’t have a lot of floor space so it’s important to optimise on wall space. A great piece to include in your ultimate game room is a place to keep score of all the games! Add a scoreboard, chalkboard and white board so you can keep score and have a bit of fun. Another game to put up on the wall is a dart board.

5. Personalise your space

Personalise your game room to give it your own personal style. Try to avoid hanging photos, art or anything that could get ruined. You want your game room to be the one room where you don’t have to worry about those kinds of things. Instead put up posters and things that are going to take your mind off the worries of the world. It should be a room full of fun, laughter and great memories.