Kick Start Summer Movie Season with a New Home Theatre

Theatre seats for the home look very similar to the modernized seats used in actual theatres,so they are a perfect choice when building your own home entertainment room. However, they are usually much more comfortable that the ones you can find at the multiplex! They oftenresemble recliners because of their large, comfortable build and the fact that you can often raise the skirt to rest your legs. Depending on their design, they can come with lights, iPad stations, Bluetooth connections, cup holders and various other modern technologies which improve your movie-watching experience.
As with any other new piece of furniture, the first thing you want to do when considering making your purchase is to assess your room’s dimensions to ensure that you have enough room for the theatre seats that you desire. You probably want to keep in mind that most of the time your roomis just going to be used by you, your friends, and/or family (this is, of course, a very good thing – one of the main pleasures of building your own entertainment centre is the fact that you don’t have to deal with strangers). Of course, you may want to design that room to accommodatespecial occasions during the year, such as holiday parties or your children’s birthdays. Whatever you do, be sure toplan out your design wisely (and realistically) so that your investment won’t go to waste.

In order to arrange yourtheatre seats properly, you want to ensure that they are placed four feet awayfrom the back wall. You also want to ensure that each seat has enough room for the occupant to get comfortable and fully recline their seat. You don’t want your guests to feel cramped or worried about annoying someone else while they’re trying to enjoy the movie! That’s why it is imperative that you consult with an expert, such as the salespeople found at The Chesterfield Shop in Toronto, before making your purchase. If you invest in seats designed for a theatre and you find that your room doesn’t have the proper dimensions for it, your investment will be wasted and that’s not what you want.
As an added bonus, you can get the material of your seats made out of Bio-Plush soybean, which is an extremely comfortable material that also reduces your chair’s carbon footprint. When combined with a high quality leather cover, such as the ones offered at The Chesterfield Shop, there is literally no more comfortable chair imaginable. They’re a great retailer to purchase from because of their commitment to both the community and the environment, as well as to furniture they make.They’ve been in business since 1948 precisely because of the great relationship they’ve built with their customers. When you are ready to purchase your new theatre seats, don’t hesitate to check out their selection at Because you want to ensure that your seating is just as impressive as the audio and video, you need to choose a company that has the right combination of selection and experience to make your entertainment centre the best that it can be!