How to Turn Your Daughter’s Bedroom Into Her Dream Space

A little girl’s bedroom is her refuge from the outside world. Little girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice, but this doesn’t mean that little girls can’t have a wild side. Encourage your child and let them know it is okay to be different. Bring out the best in your little girl and decorate her room into her dream space. Before you begin decorating plan out a theme, then find the right furniture, and add decorations to enhance your theme. 


Finding a theme for your daughters dream room should be easy given her personality. If your little girl still raves about the surf lessons in Waikiki she got during your last trip, it is only fitting that you turn her room into a surf haven with a beach theme. Think about her likes, wants, and aspirations. Say your daughter aspires to be an astronaut. A space theme with glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars and a starry night inspired decor would be her dream. Themes can be combined together, too. There are no rules against having a unicorn in space, for example! The limit to decorating a little girl’s room is her imagination.


The furniture in your daughter’s room must match your theme. If your daughter aspires to be a pilot, you may want to get her a bed in the shape of a airplane. Beds come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from cars and planes to princess carriages.

Loft beds are fun to put into a room. The loft features a bed and a theme like a tree house or a princess castle. Underneath the loft beds are a space where you can put a desk, a great fort, or play area. Adding decorative chairs for your child to read on are always a hit! Can you imagine your daughter reading on a round ball swivel chair in her space themed room? Odds are, she can!


Decorations are important for your daughter to feel as though she’s walking into her dream world. Fairies on the walls, butterflies hanging from the ceiling, and glow-in-the-dark stars and moons pasted on the ceiling are just a few ideas that can add to your theme. If you’re thinking about having a beach theme, blow-up furniture on a beige rug can allow your little girl to pretend she’s lounging on the sand. Lava lamps and themed lighting are a few things you can add to your little one’s room to make her feel at home. Try adding a sequin pillow to the bed for some flare. Anything you think your daughter will adore will add flair to your theme and jazz up your daughter’s world!

There’s nothing better than seeing your child’s eyes light up with joy when they walk into a room with a theme that they love. Build your little girl’s dreams and make it into a reality. Knowing that you’re supportive of her dreams and aspirations will encourage her to continue along that path and work hard towards her goals. Choosing the right theme, furniture, and decorations for her room will transform the space from just a room to a room that your daughter can call her own. When you build your daughter her dream room, you’re not only building her a place to take refuge. You’re building her a place to grow and learn comfortably at home.