What Kind of Door is Right for Your Commercial Property?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about commercial doors. That’s okay: there are reliable professionals to do that for you! 

But you should think about your options for at least a moment. It’s important to recognize just how important these humble doors actually are, and just how diverse your options for commercial doors can be. Here are a few of the doors you may want to consider for your space.

Wood doors

When it comes to doors, wood is about as traditional as it gets. That makes it a great and tasteful choice for commercial spaces, just as it is for residential ones. Wood doors are particularly popular for interiors, and they make great aesthetic choices for spaces as diverse as retail centers and office space.

Metal doors

Metal is sturdy and tough; it keeps its form well even when it’s forced to stand up to a physical beating or wild temperature changes. The same thing can’t be said about many other traditional door-making materials, so it’s no surprise that metal products like commercial hollow metal doors are so popular among owners of commercial and retail spaces.

Come rain, slow, sleet, or hail, your metal door will look good and keep a tight seal on your secure property. And fireproof metal doors can help contain dangerous fires on the premises, keeping your customers, clients, and employees safe while limiting the damage to your valuable property and the vital assets within it.

Glass doors

For certain types of spaces, the look is the most important thing. Retail spaces in particular like to put their products on display behind big glass windows, and all sorts of businesses — from dental offices to tattoo parlors — can benefit from the inviting look of a glass storefront bathed in natural light. To complete the look, you’ll need a glass door.

Of course, glass isn’t always the safest thing in the world. This is why quality commercial glass doors offer safety features like shatterproof glass.

Oversized and overhead doors

Commercial doors are bigger than residential doors, but even these larger doors aren’t enough for some types of businesses. If you’re backing up fully loaded trucks to a loading bay or helping customers carry out oversized purchases, then you need more than just a single commercial door. You may need a set of double doors, or perhaps even an overhead door.

When you’re running a business that deals with big jobs, safety and reliability need to come first. Invest in the right door for your needs, and trust the professionals to get it set up correctly and to keep things up to code, a concern that sometimes arises with these sorts of doors.

Investing in quality doors and superior installation

No matter what type of door you install on your commercial property next, remember this: you need to get the right door installed by the right experts. Shoddy materials or workmanship can undermine even the best-designed doors.

It’s hard to understate the importance of getting quality work on your commercial property. Lousy work will hit your business’ bottom line, as drafts rob you of your climate-controlled air (Americans waste incredible amounts of energy, and therefore money, by losing climate-controlled air to drafts and poor insulation). 

Improperly installed doors can be an eyesore that hurt your business’ reputation with customers, clients, and even employees. And worst of all, a poorly installed door can be dangerous: fire doors need to be installed properly to work correctly, for instance.

Fortunately, it’s not too hard to get a job done right. Just make sure that you turn to a licensed and qualified team that specializes in commercial doors.