Our Favorite Burlington NC Moving Company

Hiring a moving company can be difficult; I know it, because we have moved home four times in the last 3 years. The first time I hired a company, they deceived me. The original estimate and the final invoice were very different and I had to pay because I did not have a choice. Do you know that these unscrupulous companies charge for using the elevator? My apartment was in the third floor and they had to bring my possessions in the elevator which I found was easy for them but the company charged me extra and this was not even mentioned in the estimate.

The second time that I moved I did a thorough research and found the best moving company in Burlington NC, and I have been using them the last three times I moved and I am very happy with their work. They can be found at https://trianglemoving.com/moving-company-burlington-nc/. The reasons I selected Triangle Moving is because:


The license numbers are posted on the website and anyone can view them. They have also mentioned their USDOT number, which is very important if you need to move from one place to another in the United States of America. They are also fully insured and bonded. I have heard scary stories from my friend who used a moving company that did not have insurance. He thought that he was getting a cheap option and used their services. One of their employees cracked his bone while moving the furniture and since the injury occurred inside my friend’s home he had to pay compensation. I was never going to make this mistake. I prefer the adage, ‘learn from other people’s mistakes’.


Angie’s List which provides real reviews and ratings of websites has given awards to Triangle Moving for the super service it provides for 4 consecutive years. This was a big reason why I chose this Burlington NC moving company. Also the testimonials in the company website are very positive. I even spoke to a few people who had used their services and they seemed very happy. Even a few of my friends who had used their services recommended them.

Free quote:

The company provided a free quote after inspecting all my possessions. The final bill was in accordance with the quote provided, which was what we were expecting. Some companies do not even inspect the items that need to be moved but provide a quote, never select such companies because they can deceive you. One of my friends had an harrowing experience, he was provide a low quote, a very low one and he was happy that he would save money. The movers just transported my friend’s possessions to a storage unit and he had to pay a lot to retrieve the possessions as well as to transport it, so be aware.


Triangle moving has been in the business of moving for more than 30 years and this means something. So try to hire a company with experience.