How To Find A Good Drainage Expert

Due to the rains recently, we had a huge problem of water in the basement as well as the yard. We had to pump out litres of water from the basement and now we need to fix the basement too. The root cause of the problem was the drainage. We knew we had a drainage problem last year, but the severity of it was made known by nature only this year. A friend of mine had a similar problem a few years ago, so I telephoned him and asked him for help. He told me that he had opted for a Do It Yourself solution and the recent rains had again flooded his yard. He advised me to hire a drainage expert. To be honest, I never had any illusions of me doing the work; I always wanted to take the help of an expert. I hired a good drainage solutions company and now I am ready for more rain because I am confident that the water will drain away. If you are thinking, how I found the drainage solutions company, read on:

  • Go to any search engine and type your area followed by Drainage Company, for example if you are staying in Apex NC you will type, ‘Apex NC Drainage Company’. You will get a list of results. Now all results will not be correct, there can be spam websites, websites for click bait, etc. You need to visit the links in the search results and check if the company is real.
  • Once you have a few websites that are real, call each company and tell them the problem. The company will send a person to visit and provide you a quote for the job. Most companies provide free quotes, if a company asks for any money, then you should not hire them. Do not select the company with the least quote, do a thorough research. Sometimes going for the low quote can mean a very high price because you may not get the results or you may need to redo whatever was done.
  • Thorough research means you need to check the testimonials and reviews, not just on the website but on other ratings and review websites. There are many websites that provide reviews such as Home Advisor and even Google and you can go and check them.
  • Ask the representative of the company if they have the necessary licenses to do the work in your state. State laws differ, so make sure that the company has all the necessary papers. Insurance is very important, do not fail to check if the workers are insured and bonded.
  • Ask the company representative to provide ‘Before and After’ pictures of the work they have done previously. This one step will help you decide on hiring the company. If the before and after work is satisfactory you can hire them and if you do not find much of a difference in the before and after work, you can safely disqualify them and continue looking for the right drainage expert.