Patio Flooring Options For Your Outdoor Space

With the weather getting warmer each day, what better time to upgrade your patio for the summer ahead. On of the most important elements to consider is your flooring. The patio is like an outdoor living room and needs to meet many specifications, such as comfort, accessibility and style. This ties together the look of your area, and it is important that you choose something foot-friendly.

Below are just some ideas to help you choose the best flooring for your patio, but they are definitely not the only options for your project ahead.

There is a lot you can do with your patio floor when using concrete, this including: painting concrete floors, stamped concrete patios, staining concrete floors and acid stained concrete. These all add a different element.

For instance, acid stained concrete can be done in any color of your choosing and gives a look of glow and vibrance. For example, imagine a place floor… Your patio will be of royal standards! Acid staining has a multitude of reasons as to why it is a good option: 1) it is durable; 2) acid stained floors are easy to maintain; 3) heavily protected from the outside elements; 4) but cost effective; and 5) you have complete control over the style. Staining concrete floors is just like staining wood floors. It gives you the chance to choose the color you want in the shade you want it. Whether you have just a plain slab of concrete for your patio, or you decide to use cut pieces, the staining process is simple and quick.

If you are wanting a patio with more character then stamped concrete floors allow you to add any design to your patio floor that you might desire. This can add dimension to your space, match better with your accessories, as well as whatever furniture you decide upon. Also, the feel of stamped concrete floors gives you the feel of different textures under your feet, making it appealing to more than just your eyes. And the best part about stamped concrete is that it is less labor intensive for the professionals from richfield blacktop, or whichever contractor you are using to install it, as well as you, meaning it gives you the most bang for your buck compared to other concrete installations.

One cool way to conduct the design of your flooring is with concrete slabs. These can come in any color and design you want (such as with the stamped concrete floors mentioned above) and lets you decide how to lay and place them once you have a general idea of where you want to go with your patio look. These are so customizable and require little maintenance. The only difficult part is making the design decisions.

Lastly on this list (but not last in the concrete world) painted concrete floors give you the more option to be picky and precise about the way your floors look. The only trade off is the amount of time it takes for each coat to dry, and even before that how long it takes to make sure moisture will not disrupt the process. But, once finished, applying a top sealing coat gives your floor the final touches for the patio floor of your dreams.

Often looked over but never forgotten is the retro look of wood for an outdoor patio. With many to choose from as well as the ability to stain however you please, wood is a perfect choice for those of us who want to go a little old school and want to increase the value of the outdoor living space.

The only downside to wood flooring is the maintenance it requires to keep looking beautiful and safe. It is important that whatever cleaning solution you use, it does not damage the wood or the staining. Primer is an important element in the upkeep of your wood flooring, so make sure to ask the right questions from a trusting installer.

Brick and Stone.
Brick and stone apply a classic look to any patio, and have the lowest maintenance of them all. Also, both are ready to use right after it is set, meaning there is no wait time before you get to enjoy your outdoor space. Both applies texture and dimension to any area. And, because there is not staining involved the elements speak for themselves on style and design. The patterns of these layouts are the most important aspect, as they are the creative center of what you decide to do with your space.

The only downside is the laying of these is the only creative aspect, besides the color of the brick or the stone. But, if that is not something you are worried about and a rugged look is the design you desire, these are two of the best options for you.

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