Protect and Beautify Your Home with High Performance Coatings

Image by myoldpostcards via Flickr
Every year sees advances and innovations in the field of specialised coatings that are applied in industrial situations yet are equally well-suited for use in and around the home. A&I Coatings make a stunning range of coatings that are so incredibly versatile that they can be used in a diverse number of settings including on external walls and fascia, stairwells, decks, pool surrounds, walkways, floors and more.

These high performance epoxies and polyurethane coatings have been developed and perfected over many years by rigorous processes in laboratories around the globe and have been proven to stand the test of time under the most extreme conditions. Whilst these products are most commonly used in commercial applications such as building facades, protecting metal works on bridges and also as industrial floor coatings, there are numerous advantages to using such products in the home.

Extremely Long Lasting

Because these coatings have been developed to meet the rigorous standards demanded in outdoor and industrial settings, they are tough enough to handle situations that would never occur in the home. Consider the amount of foot traffic that crosses a large store in a busy retail centre each and every day and multiply that number by years. These same materials when used in the home have a functional life expectancy that far surpasses the standard requirements for domestic use and the cost of having them applied is very reasonable.

Excellent Non-Slip Capabilities

AI Coatings also offers an elegant solution for home owners seeking to create non-slip surfaces around their property. Tredgrip is a rubberised, non-slip paint that is versatile enough to be applied to a wide range of surfaces where traction and safety is a concern. Tredgrip can be painted onto concrete, steel, aluminium and timber which makes it ideal for decks, stairways, tennis courts, walkways, paths and pool surrounds. It is flexible enough to cover hairline cracks and withstand the gradual movement of concrete, is resistant to the negative impacts of both salt and chlorinated water and also comes in a wide range of colours that are sure to please the most discerning home owners.

Protective Properties of High Performance Coatings 
High performance coatings provide an excellent anti-corrosive protective barrier that can be applied to numerous surfaces around the home. It is an ultra-durable protective top coat utilising resins that do not degrade, fade or break down when exposed to UV light. This makes them ideal for a range of applications where the underlying material could break down, rust or corrode after years of being exposed to the weather.

Many of the materials A&I Coatings manufactures have been used outdoors to beautify and protect bridges and other metal structures directly exposed to the elements in very harsh conditions. Tests have demonstrated that the metal surfaces these coatings protect have not degraded nor needed further treatment and are still in excellent condition 25 years on.

The many ways that high performance coatings can be used in the home are only limited by the imagination as all manner of surfaces can be coated and protected to ensure your home remains looking beautiful for many years to come. A product that offers so much is surely worth investigating further.