Practical and Fun Children’s bedroom ideas

If you’re looking to update or design a children’s bedroom, there are so many ways in which you can create a functional and practical room whilst keeping fun and personality at the heart of the design. The key things to consider when deciding on what style and design to go for, is to think about how you can make the room work best for you and your child. Having an exciting yet practical bedroom is important to enable your little one likes their own bedroom, yet can also complete daily tasks such as making their bed, tidying their toys or even putting their clothes in the linen basket.

Introducing furniture to your child’s bedroom that will be useful throughout the years is a great way of saving yourself money, as well as ensuring your child has a stylish and practical bedroom. Creating a room that will encourage creativity and imagination as well as just sleep will really enable your child to enjoy their time in their bedrooms. Having furniture sets such as an Oak set made up of an Oak bed, Oak chest of drawers, Oak wardrobe and even maybe a small Oak desk will create a finished and neat look, whilst also providing strong, top quality furniture that will see your child through many years to come. Having strong, supportive furniture is really important, you can rest assured your furniture will last and also require little maintenance. Having furniture such as a chest of drawers will encourage your child to be able to reach their own clothes, enabling them to select outfits and have a little more independence in their daily routines. A small desk is a great idea for a homework spot, reading a magazine or even doing some colouring, any activity that will spark imagination and creativity is perfect as they can retreat to their bedrooms and get lost in their imaginations.

Colour is key with a child’s bedroom, capturing that fun and exciting feel to create a bright and inviting atmosphere is actually what you want to do. There are the obvious choices of going pink for girls and blue for boys, however if you feel your little one may grow out of that colour scheme quickly, opting for a neutral wall colour such as creams or beige, and then introducing bursts of colour through their bedding, curtains, rugs and blinds will really enable you to create the kind of look you want, whilst making it easier to switch around if your child becomes bored or uninterested in the current colour scheme you have. Certain colours such as orange are known to spark imagination and creativity, so incorporating colour that will cause interaction is perfect. It’s important to stick to the colours that your child will like, for example a colour scheme that your child isn’t keen on may cause a negative reaction or prevent them from enjoying their bedroom as much as they should. Giving your child a choice in (some) colour selection is also a great way of involving them and giving them a sense of appreciation and independence.

Your child’s bedroom is the one place in your home where you can go crazy and really experiment with fun and exciting designs. Introducing features that will encourage creativity as mentioned above is great, for example white or chalkboards with fun quotes or even just allowing your child do draw freely and have fun creating new pictures and patterns. Having this kind of feature will spark their imaginations and keep them busy and having fun. It’s always a good idea to include a shelf or bookcase for favourite books, this way your child has access to them themselves and can read or flick through the pictures if and when they want too. Other items such as a clock to help them with telling the time and time keeping, drawers to keep their clothing neat and tidy, and even a linen bin to show them where their dirty clothes need to be placed once they have been worn. These features will all work in creating a practical bedroom for your child, however it is still important to keep the fun and excitement in there. Toys are always a good decision in any bedroom, even if you only have one dedicated box for them to live in. Having a space for your child to play will help to relax them as well as create a space they can call their own and enjoy playing amongst their own thoughts and let their imaginations run wild!