Tips for Designing a Modern Bath Space

Your bath space defines how you want to live and function. Hence a well designed and beautiful bathroom is critical in creating a very personal space. But designing the perfect bathroom can be a daunting process. You can only make this task easier by first planning and defining what exactly you need. The current trend is to combine form and function as opposed to earlier when people preferred frills and finery. A modern bath space efficiently focuses on aesthetically pleasing designs which easily blend with bathrooms ranging from tiny to titanic. So, no matter how big or small your bath space is; modern designs will never fail to impress you. Here are some useful tips to help you design a modern bath space.

Rich Material
The first thing to be considered before you start decorating your bathroom is the material you are going to use. This includes flooring, walls, cabinets and countertops etc. In order to achieve a modern look you can play around with exotic woods, stones with whimsy finishes, patterned floor and marble tops. There is a lot to explore and can also combine different materials to achieve your desired look. The most important thing here is how you display everything. The layout will define just how modern your bathroom is.

Cool Bathroom Accessories

You can’t miss out on cool bathroom accessories while designing your bath space. By adding some unique bathroom accessories you can add a personality to your bath space and give it a contemporary touch. Since bathrooms are usually smaller, splurging on some cool bathroom accessories can make your bath space luxurious and appealing. Think about a bath space with a stylish Jacuzzi or a chic his and hers bathtub. These personalized items will communicate that this is a place to linger and help you design the perfect bath space.

Attractive Lighting

Attractive lighting is critical to designing a great bath space. Accent lighting can set the mood and add style to your bathroom. In order to create a well-lit bathroom you can incorporate layers of task, ambient and decorative lighting for example ceiling-mounted fixtures or pendant lights. You can also play around with LED shower lights or enclosed vapor-proof down lights for enclosed showers and tubs. The right lighting accessory will add a striking and of-the-moment touch to your bathroom design.

Fancy Amenities
Fancy amenities can truly be a retreat in your bathroom. Imagine in-floor radiant heating taking the chill away from the marble or tile floors. You can add a TV in the shower or a music system to give that soothing feel. These utilitarian amenities will give a rich feel to your bath space and pamper with luxury. You will find out that investing in such amenities really pays out.

Elegant fixtures
A little designer secret is getting the right fixtures according to the size of the bathroom and placing them right. A pedestal sink with graceful lines is always more charming than a vanity cabinet. Similarly, you a stylish mirror over the sink will add more appeal to the space. You can also play around with shower heads. Consider a handheld shower at a large tub or a ceiling-mounted rain showerhead for a modern touch.

These tips will definitely help you create a perfect bath space which is both stylish and utilitarian.

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