Spring clean your double sided wood burning stove

Spring has officially sprung and the warmer weather should give you plenty of time to give your double sided wood burning stove or single-sided model an MOT before it gets its well-earned seasonal break. This will ensure that when autumn rolls around – as it will, all too quickly – your wood burner is ready and raring to go. Don’t forget to have your chimney swept as well. 
Servicing your double sided wood burning stove

Have your woodburning stove serviced by a HETAS-registered engineer if you have any doubt about your ability to do the job yourself. The HETAS website offers several search facilities to make it easy for you to find the right person for the job.

If you are going to do it yourself, make sure you read the user’s manual before you start.

Steps to spring clean the interior
1. Empty your wood burner – this includes removing all of the internal parts such as the grate, firebricks, baffle and ash pan. Be especially careful when handling firebricks as these may be prone to cracking and chipping.

2. Vacuum – give the inside a quick vacuum to remove any leftover debris or ash. You may also need to use some wood burning stove accessories, such as a scraper and wire brush, to clean any excess debris, before vacuuming up the mess. This will ensure that you can easily assess the state of the interior.

3. Clean the individual parts – this is also an opportunity to spot any damage and organise replacement parts or firebricks if necessary.

Detailing the doors and exterior

Doors will need some attention before the interior parts are returned. Take out the glass to clean it and look for any damage. You should also check the seal.

As most wood burning stoves inevitably become focal points in homes, it is essential that they look as beautiful as they were designed to be, which is why plenty of attention should be given to the exterior.

Check for any rust and remove if necessary. You may also want to give your wood burner a repaint.