Some of the warning signs indicating the need for a new roof

Roof is the most integral part of the building and serves as a protective layer is often neglected by people. It is only determined when the people experience some form of leakage through the roof. However, this leakage is not the early signs of roof damage rather there are many, which if inspected within the provided time limit can decrease the further damage and cost of repairing. 

Here is a list of warning signs which must be considered by homeowner to get the roofing treatment 

Age of the roof

Age of the roof is the most determining factor in deciding whether or not it is the time for a new roof. According to the expert advice of the industry, it has been stated that the average life of roof is between 20 years to 25 years only if it has been taken care of with regular maintenance. If your roof is beyond 20 years, then there are high chances that it overdue replacement. Considering the age of roof provides the homeowner with an idea of whether they should prefer getting the issue repaired or should look for a replacement. 

Curling of shingles

If the roof of your building is designed using shingles, there are high chances they will start to buckle and curl up. Such conditions of shingles are surely the sign that one might need new roof and repairing won’t work. If the shingles of your roof has started to curl up, experience some crack or lose granules, it is a sure sign they have exhausted their expected life. Such situation of some shingles must not be ignored or as there are high chances that the complete roof is damaged. In this case, layering is stated as the option, but if you are not planning to sell your house, getting a replacement could be the right solution. It is always wise to contact some professional roofing contractor to determine the exact situation and help with the need and requirement of much decided new installation.

If daylight is passing through the roof board

If you notice some spongy feel or trampoline like bounce when you walk on the roof, it means the underlying decking is getting week from the increased absorption of moisture. Moreover, checking the condition of attic can also provide an idea about roof condition, if you can see the daylight coming through roof boards it is high time you must replace the condition of roof. 

Missing shingles, chimney flashing and shingle granules in the gutters are some of the additional signs which state the need to change roof. Perhaps only studying the signs of roof condition will not help, rather one will need a reputed roofing company who can carry out some thorough inspection and provide with exact current situation and treatment. One need to start the search for best roof repair canton MI who have some proper set of experience and well-skilled roofers to perform the roofing project with safety. However, only the licensed roofer should be considered for the new roof installation process. 

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