What are the most damage prone areas of the roof?

The roof is considered the most protective layer of the building and is continuously exposed to the elements from the time it is installed. The continuous exposure understandably wears away at the roofing material and will eventually cause some damage. It is at this point that you need to call in the professionals, as this is not something you can fix yourself. If you are looking for a company offering Troy roof repair services, then Kanga Roof is a great example of the sort of company to contact. This is so important because proper maintenance and inspection can save the roof from severe damage. But there are certain areas of the roof which are highly prone to damage and need some extra maintenance and care. These parts require more frequent roof repair than others. They either get damaged due to severe weather conditions or debris. Some of the usual problem areas are:

Gutters and drains

Gutters and drains are a very important part of the functionality and safety of the house. They offer a proper drainage system to drain the rain-water from the roof. If the gutters and drains don’t work properly it will lead to rainwater pooling on the roof surface and within a short time period, it will cause severe damage to the roof. Generally, the gutters get clogged by the dust and debris or the water-overflow leads to the breakout of the gutter and drainage system. If the gutter is sagging or draining properly, one must contact the expert roof repair canton MI to carry out the repairing process. The damaged gutter can cause water leakage and serious problems to roof, siding, basement and even the foundation of the home. Proper cleaning and maintenance are required for the proper functioning of gutters. 

The roofline

The roofline is the area of roof that is closest to the gutters. They are one of the most vulnerable parts of the roof. They sustain damage from the gutter water whenever an overflow occurs. While during the gutter blockage the extra weight of the gutter puts unnecessary strain on the roofline and thus causing the pullout and damage. The proper cleaning of roof and gutters from debris and dust can enhance the life of the roofline. 

The Flashings

Flashings are building materials that are installed around doors, windows, siding penetrations, roof penetrations, roof intersections and roof to siding connections. They are designed to prevent water from penetrating into inner building components. Improperly installed and missing flashings lead to leakage, damage, and deterioration. They are made up of sturdy materials and because of continuous exposure they are easily prone to damage and worn out faster than the other parts of the roofing system. Getting flashings repaired after a storm can save your structure from further damage. 

Fascia and Soffit

Fascias are the boards around the roof’s perimeter. They are attached at the edge of the roof and extend below roof level. Fascia boards protect the roof structure and home interior from damage. While the soffit is the connection between roofs fascia and home’s siding. Soffit may be vented or unvented. Soffit creates airflow through the attic space of the home. The fascia gets easily damaged due to moisture or rot affects and the soffit gets damaged due to improper installation. 

Hire reputed and professional roofing contractors to perform the best roofing service. The experienced roofer will provide you with the best tips and guidelines to enhance the life of your roofing system. 

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