Taking care of the paint in your home

The look of the paintwork in your home can have a major influence on the overall appearance of the property. If you are going to spend time painting your home, or you are going to invest in having a professional paint job completed, then you want to make sure you care for your paint on an ongoing basis, as much as you possibly can.

Taking care of the paint in your home

Painting a home is big job and one for which you may want to hire professionals such as Kaloutas. They have all the experience necessary to make sure your home is decorated to the best possible standard, and they use good quality materials when they are doing the work. Professional painters can also advise you on how best to sustain the look and condition of the paintwork once they have finished. Here are some of the points they may share with you.

What to do if you have stains on your paintwork

If you have ever had a stain on the paintwork in your home and ended up with a shiny patch when you have tried to clean it off, you may be wondering why. The problem is that you have left the stain too long without taking any action and you have rubbed too hard when trying to remove the stain. One of the most important things to remember when you’re dealing with stains on paintwork in your home is that you need to deal with them as soon as possible.

As soon as you spot a stain just grab a rag or sponge and rinse it in clear water then rub gently at the stain. Often, this will be enough to solve the problem but if it does not work you should try using a little mild dish washing liquid. To begin with you should simply mix this with water and dip the cloth or sponge into the solution. If the stain remains you should first try applying the liquid directly to the rag or sponge then directly to the stain. Remember to always try and be gentle. Doing this means you should be able to remove stains without damaging the paintwork.

The problem of permanent markers

The problem with permanent marker is that the chemical makeup which makes it stay permanently is very similar to that of paint. You should try using dish washing liquid on permanent marker, to remove it from your paintwork. If this does not work you should try using a more abrasive sponge. There is every possibility that you may eventually have to re-paint the area. If this is the case do not forget to use stain-blocking primer before you paint. 

Protecting your paintwork from scratches and dents

It’s very easy for paint to become damaged over time. One of the main culprits is furniture. It’s worth investing in some clear bumpers for your furniture so they do not cause dents if they come into contact with your paintwork. It’s also worth thinking about hanging any pictures more securely, maybe using two hooks, so that they do not move around and cause damage.

These are just a few simple tips that may help you keep the paintwork in your home in good condition for longer.