Trendy interior designs to spice up your home this 2016

Interior design is both circular and ever-changing world that helps us achieve the best possible results and create warm and cozy feelings at home. Like with everything else that is relatively personal, the trends of interior design are various with something to suit everyone’s liking and taste. Even if creativity is not someone’s strong point, searching for that perfect homey look will always be a priority.

Warming up with metal

Metal trend is still big this year and it is going to continue making its way to the top. Metal elements in kitchen and bathroom are already a thing to brag about, but they are soon going to find their place in bedroom and living room in forms of details and accessories. Gold, rose gold, copper and brass are on high demand right now, maybe because these tones and metals manage to combine the shabby vintage and modern grungy look effortlessly. 

Big bathroom mirrors
The bigger the better is what this year has to say about bathroom mirrors. A great statement piece hanging on the wall instead of cabinets is really in, whether you like simple wooden or metal frames, mosaics or those that are vintage-inspired. Loss of storage space is usually fixed with vanities, repurposed dressers and some DIY projects under the mirror. 
Bye-bye technology

Removing all electrical appliances and technological gadgets was already a trend for bedrooms, but this year it moved to living room as well. The same way people want to sleep and relax without any digital disturbances in bedroom, the need to just lounge, talk with family and friends, read a book or magazine with no tech in the background became stronger. Tightly related to this, there is a rising trend in furnishing separate rooms at home with electrical devices such as TV, computer, stereo system, etc. Still, some people decided to ditch television from their daily lives and home offices or computer rooms are all they need.

Interesting kitchen details
Kitchen is still a very important part of every home, especially for those who actually spend time in it. New kitchen trend involves an interesting and special “centerpiece” meaning that the table, chairs or islands should be as unique as possible to make this part of the kitchen stand out from the rest. Basically, working kitchen area is left in the background in the simplest décor for the sake of dining area where the family will gather for meals or chats. 

Make space for sunroom

A great example of old-fashioned trends making a comeback in this day and age is a sunroom that is the recent main talk of interior design. Some would go as far as to add a whole new room to their home just to relax and soak up that Vitamin D. More often than not, people do not have that kind of space for a new room but are still finding ways to make their own special sun-lit corners near large windows. These areas are well decorated and a perfect opportunity for adding a personal touch to every home.

Fire craze

While traditional fireplaces are somewhat messy and even dangerous, technological advances made it possible to have all the calming benefits of the sound of burning wood without the annoying smell. Screens in the focal point of the room that show the image of burning fire are very in at the moment.

Texture on the walls

2016 is a year when paint is simply not enough anymore. Actually, mixing and matching different materials for wall coverings in order to create texture is becoming more popular. From wooden planks to interesting and colorful wallpapers, it is all about making the walls come to life. Creating Van Gogh-like strokes on the walls with combination of different paints also creates a fine texture and adds warmth to any home.

There are more trends in interior design emerging every day and some of them might even contradict each other but that is perfectly fine because the biggest trend lies in people who are able to follow their own taste and find something that perfectly suits their temperament and way of life to really make a place worthy of calling home.

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