TikTok Says This $26 Floor Lint Roller Is the Fastest Way to Remove Pet Hair From Furniture


Sharing an apartment with my roommate’s yellow lab means I practically live with a lint roller in hand. And not just for my clothing. Approximately 10 minutes before guests arrive, you can find this dog auntie furiously lint-rolling the couch, the rug, the chair and any flat surface within arm’s reach (because no, a vacuum just won’t cut it).

So when I scrolled across this Floor Lint Roller on TikTok, it was love at first sight. Equipped with an adjustable handle and an oversized adhesive roller, this viral lint remover can cover serious ground.

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Smart Design Floor Lint Roller

Smart Design Smart Design Floor Lint Roller

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Roll it across furniture and rugs to clean up pet hair left behind from your fur baby’s afternoon nap. And it’s good for way more than just cleaning up after pets. Roll it over your bath mat after brushing your hair or trimming your bangs. Or roll it across the floor to pick up dirt, dust bunnies, and small debris that sweeping leaves behind. Amazon reviewers rave that the aluminum tubing and extendable design make it so easy to tackle hard-to-reach messes.

Shorten the handle, and it can be used to remove lint and pet hair from your clothing just like any standard lint roller. But unlike the one you snagged from the dollar store, this baby has extra-sticky adhesive sheets that are wider than the average lint roller, so it cleans more lint with each swipe. You’ll waste less time and arm strength rolling, and you won’t be left with a mountain of used sheets to throw away when you’re done.

But take it from #CleanTok, there appears to be no limit to what this retractable lint roller can do. Users shared videos of themselves using the 2-in-1 tool to pick up glitter after a party, grab dust bunnies from beneath the couch, clear cobwebs from vaulted ceilings, prep the bathroom floor for mopping, remove crumbs from car interiors and sweep up shedding hair extensions.

This TikTok-loved lint roller is available on Amazon for only $26. Though it already comes equipped with 25 removable adhesive sheets, I highly recommend stocking up on a two-pack of refill sheets from the get-go. Because once you start rolling, you won’t want to stop!

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