Top Tips to Consider When Installing a Pond

Ponds can make excellent features for any garden, big or small. However, when you are installing your new water feature, it is important that you understand some of the challenges and problems that may occur and that you can combat these through installing your pond correctly. To make sure that your pond is low-maintenance and high quality, here are some top tips. 

Use an OASE Pump

One of the major issues for pond owners is that water can quickly become stagnant if it is not allowed to circulate around the perimeter of the pond. Not only this, but poor circulation can also limit the amount of pond life that can be introduced into your feature due to a lack of oxygen. As there is no natural circulation in ponds, to prevent poor odours and algae, it is important that you can install OASE pond pumps into your new water feature. These will allow you to move water around your fixture 24 hours a day, and most of them last for several years before they need replacing. 

Ensure That You Have Enough Drainage

Drainage is paramount for every garden pond as this will stop it from overflowing in the event of heavy rains and floods, preventing water from damaging your garden or home. Then, you should create an established spillover point for your pond. Not only this, but drainage is important to take away waste and bacteria from your pond if you choose to install fish or other wildlife into it. In these cases, you will need to install bottom drainage systems that can help to maintain premium water quality, which you should test regularly

Make the Perimeter Level

If the perimeter of your pond is not level, this could lead to regular flooding and leakages from your water feature. Then, you should make sure that your whole perimeter is level and ensure that the water that you fill it with is no higher than the pond’s lowest point, especially since it is near impossible to construct an exactly even perimeter for your pond. 

Keep the Pond Safe 

If you have kids or pets, you need to make sure that your pond is safe before you put it into use. You can do this by putting fencing around it or making sure that your pond has a defined edge or lip that can prevent your animals or children from failing to notice the edge of the pond in front of them. You might also want to place mesh over your pond so that your children will not fall into the water even if they do trip near its edge. 

Protect Your Pond from Wildlife

Finally, your pond is a haven for wildlife, and you may find that many animals will make a beeline for it. Although this can be incredibly satisfying, wild animals can also damage your pond by burrowing into it. Then, you should put a mesh on the bottom of your pond that can prevent animals from tearing through your pond liner and creating holes within your feature.