home renovation

What is involved with a Home Remodel?

Home remodel consists of the up-gradation of both the interior and exterior of an existing home. Interior up-gradation means work on tiles, electricals, plumbing, etc. Exterior up-gradation means roofing, gardening, courtyard decorations, etc.

What are the steps for Home Remodeling?

Normally a home remodeling takes 4-7 months to complete it but it depends on the size of the project. We can reduce the time taken in executing the remodeling work substantially by following some simple steps.


Before starting remodeling work planning is important to make a blueprint of what you are going to do. The main part of planning to remodel a house is its cost. Make a quick summary of the average cost for the construction items and prepare a budget for those items.


After your planning is over, now it’s time to start demolition. For a new building, the old one has to be cleared first. This process not only involves demolition but also the disposal of dilapidated remains. This requires a large area of dumping these remains. Moreover, we should always remember that demolition is a risky process and should be performed with utmost care following all relevant safety norms.

Electrical and Plumbing works

After demolition, the next work is the electrical and plumbing work as they are done under the concrete walls, on the ceiling, etc.

Concreting and drywall

Once all the work under the walls is completed, now it’s time to concrete and fix it. Apply drywall compound and smoothen until its surface becomes seamless.


When the drywall is smooth, apply the paint as per your choice. This work is the soul of a new house. You can do it yourself (DIY) but if you want a perfect finish, you should hire an experienced painter.

Cabinets and Lighting

Once the painting is over now it’s time to decorate the wall with your favorite designs, lightings, and cabins, etc. 

Doors and Windows

It’s time to install doors and windows. You can select unique designs of doors and windows to make your home look gorgeous.


The next step of remodeling is flooring. You can use tiles, marbles, granites, or any other materials which make the house beautiful.


The last and final step is to do the finishing work. Furnish your doors, windows, furniture with your favorite curtains to add more beauty to your house. 

Final Words

House is the dream of every person. People spend a large part of their earnings to make it beautiful. With the right planning, preparation, and finance, it is easy to remodel your old home in less time and in a more cost-effective way.