Pool Equipment You Must Have in 2023

As warm weather comes around, having the right pool equipment for 2021 is a concern for property owners. Technological advances occur every year that bring new products to the forefront for those who want a pristine pool that is fun for the entire family. Today, we’d like to share some of the best items to have for your pool to increase safety and fun while preventing you from needing to spend hours every week doing maintenance. 

The first piece of pool equipment that everyone should have is a solid pool cleaner. Whether you go with a Hayward Navigator Pro, a Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner, or a Zodiac OT 15 Robotic Cleaner, you want to be sure it can handle the amount of use your pool tends to see. Those who want the best cleaner for their pool should turn their attention to robotic cleaners, which can provide cleaning to the bottom and walls of the pool for convenience’s sake.

If you plan to use your pool after the sun sets, another piece of pool equipment that you will want is pool lighting. LED lights are an excellent choice that can be used in underwater pool settings. Make sure you choose only LEDs that are designed for pools to ensure safety and best practices. Spa lights can also be used in pools and often allow you to switch between colours for an exciting swimming experience.

The next item on your list of pool equipment for 2021 should be a pool cover or roller. This is another way to ensure the water stays clean and fresh when the pool isn’t in use. There are many varieties of covers to choose from, including heating and non-heating models, depending on the location of your pool. Make sure to choose a cover that fits the size of your pool for the best results.

Beyond these three items, there are dozens of other pool equipment options that you can purchase for 2021. When you shop at Pool Equipment Price Slashers, you have your choice of pumps, chemical feeders, filters, heaters, and much more. Even better, this brand offers a best price guarantee against any other pool equipment suppliers in Perth!