DIY Casino Party Decoration Ideas

Who doesn’t love a good casino party? A night pretending to be a high roller in Monte Carlo is full of fun and mystique, however throwing a casino party can be costly. Buying tables for card games, as well as chips, and setting up a cash out station can cost hundreds of dollars alone. One way to bring down some of the costs is by making your party decorations from scratch. DIY decorations, DIY decorative treats and rental decor will save you money and let you relax before your night at the big C. 

DIY decorations

The best part of a casino night is the decor! Red and black everywhere is typically what you’ll see when you walk through a casino doorway; for added effect, roll out a red carpet leading up to the front door. Each guest will feel like a movie star walking down a red carpet lined with velvet rope. You can even use fake mini trees to line the carpet. 

Accent your house with items typically seen in a casino, like dice and playing cards. Who doesn’t like huge dice? Adding small and large dice to your decor will liven up the place and add some flare. To create dice you just need to cut cubes out of styrofoam and paint them with black and white acrylic paint or red and white acrylic paint to resemble dice. Turning your doors into large playing cards is always a fun idea to keep things interesting. Simply cut out the desired card symbols and numbers and tape them to the door. Adding a slot table to your decor will spice things up for your guests. A slot table with games like Double Bubble Slots can entertain guests who are typically not interested in card games. 

DIY decorative treats

Serving food to your guests on casino night will not only help keep them energized, the food can also be a major part of your decor. Dress up your wine bottles by adding red and white paper to them or glittery material and place them around the room. Serve round appetizers such as cucumbers and crackers and add toppings to them so that they resemble poker chips. Place cocktail shrimp strategically around a glass of cocktail sauce. Frost desserts or use colored fondant to make cakes, brownies and cookies look like dice, poker chips or even playing cards.

Rental decor

Just buying one poker table can be upwards of $40. Why buy tables and chairs when you can rent them? You don’t have to rent poker tables, you can rent regular round tables and buy green felt table cloths to give them that casino feel. Rent supplies from online sources such as or, or you can get local table and chair rentals Long Island instead of going out and purchasing all the necessary materials that you may only use once. Don’t forget that you can also rent tablecloths. 

Making your own decorations seems tedious but it can be a fun. Cutting out shapes and making sweet treats all make for a good time in every home no matter the occasion. If you think about how fun it is decorating a tree and making treats for Christmas you will never see making your own decor for a casino night as work. Tables and chairs are the main furniture pieces in a casino party and when you rent your cut your cost in half. Casino nights are always fun — make yours even better by dressing up your home with DIY decorations, DIY decorative treats and rental decor.

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